Creating amazing products requires great efficiency. Agile Sparrow supports product and development organizations by focussing on what matters.

We use data to drive decisions. We know the power of the compounding effect of positive feedback loops over time. Our focus is on the proper execution of the product vision to deliver results.

What we can do for you


“Making visions of the future real”

For hands-on support, we provide tailored consultancy.

We help develop a technical strategy with appropriate architecture. We optimize the development process to support product or development organizations. And we can support organizations by providing senior product-owner or tech-lead expertise.


“Understand what slows teams and organizations down; improve based on actionable metrics.”

Get a strong grip on your organization with our assessment. We deliver fact-based and neutral insights. We highlight areas that need improvement. As well as areas that are in line with the current business targets, and thus need no major investments.

Our expert-based assessment helps to confirm or adjust your (technical) approach. It assures maximization of return on investment. We take both short and long-term goals in mind and help you plan for the future.


“Excellent results start with expertise”

We offer training to help make your organization more effective. These courses cover topics like:

  • Data-driven development for IT & product organizations
  • Working in short value focused iterations as a booster to agile methods
  • Getting and keeping IT architecture effective in the short and long term